Creature Comfort // 2014

Natural and Synthetic Yarns, Polyfill, Lavender, Thread, Faceted Beads, Rip-stop Nylon, Synthetic Dyes, Blower Fan

A two-part project, Creature Comfort was initially designed as a self-care head covering to relieve anxiety and stress.  Each knitted hexagon is filled with polyfill and lavender and connected with faceted beads. The wearer is immersed in a soft and soothing experience, taking deep breaths and embracing oneself.

I began to imagine the piece more as a creature and the type of space that it inhabited. The Creature Comfort home is a double-walled inflatable made up of hexagons that are connected together similar to a quilt. Both the creature and home combined became a space where individuals could take a break, relax, (and maybe get a hug or two)!