Food Stains // 2014

Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Skittles, Cheezies Puffs, Fruit Punch, Blue Drink, Sunny D, Fruit Flavored Ice Pops, Cherry Sour Balls, Mustard, Cotton Fabric, Thread

In collaboration with Lauren Meyer

What dyes go into the processed foods that we see in supermarkets and convenience stores?  Is it possible to use the artificial dye from foods to dye fabric?  Using natural dye and resist-dyeing techniques, Food Stains (or 'Junk in the Trunk' if they were pants) are handmade cotton tank tops stained with a variety of junk foods.  Attached to the tanks are tags identifying the food and ingredients that go into making the processed items.  This project is an investigation of the foods we eat and a way to visualize the internal effects in relation to our bodies.