pOm•pOurri // 2015

pOm•pOurri  is a medley of fuzzy and colorful creatures that explore the idea of play as a conversation for human connection. Fluffy, decorative, and used for positive affirmations, the pOm•pOm is an object that brings crowds of strangers together in cheers and applause.  Structurally, it is made up of hundreds of yarns held together by a single thread. Playtime objects from craft kits and gym class games are used to encourage audience participation! Finding the ties within comfort and community, the pOm•pOm is a metaphor for being part of a whole.  

Part wonder, part whim, all good vibes.


MEDIUMRARE: An Experimental Fashion Event Performed at the Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore, MD. Videographer: Ashley Brinegar

Photographer: Vivian Loh